"I've been using Apollo Electric for my commercial and residential projects for years now. Rick is a knowledgeable electrician and always works well with my clients. I can trust Rick, which is crucial to my company, and can recommend him without hesitation."

Apollo Electric did a wonderful job updating our vintage 1923 home. We added about 1,000 sq feet and navigating the old construction while linking it with the new was not an easy task, but Rick pulled it off beautifully.
Susan Logeais

Rick/Apollo Electric did the electrical, cable, internet, and phone work for our 3000+ SF remodel. Rick was very helpful during all stages making himself available for staggered disconnects and reconnects, helping keep the house “livable”, and doing an all around great job. We had no trouble with inspections and problems were resolved quickly. I would highly recommend Apollo electric for your project.

Rick Taylor-Streiff, owner and hands-on operator of Apollo Electric, is “our electrician”. Electricity is “magic” as far as we are concerned; our abilities peak at turning on a switch. Rick realizes the remedial status, and walks us through the “whys”, the fixes, and perhaps alternatives to make a small issue or a major undertaking really WORK.

Years back, we had some minor interior remodeling going on, and Rick showed up one day to wire a few new outlets. Instantly we found a real person, with not only professional skills, but truly interested in suggesting functional and creative applications. Rick keeps it business-like, never “intruding” on one’s objectives or building-up his time and charges.

From then on, whenever an electrical problem or “expansion” occurs, Rick is our source. Recently we completed a major remodel of our home, and “wow, did Rick ever shine!” His knowledge and creative ideas for effective lighting and ultra-functional switch-locating, etc. truly made the difference between a typical result and an outstanding one. Remembering how Rick advised and counseled with us, and communicated with our builder, kept us calm and confident that the end-result would be outstanding. Typically each day Rick would review the accomplishments and discuss the next steps…..often with a new creative idea to improve certain illumination or convenience.

We have referred Rick to many friends and family, and feed-back has mirrored our experiences.
Rick is a true professional: reliable, competitive, accurate, and creative; he is a design-sensitive electrician, working with your ideas while contributing his suggestions. He will make the most of a plan. You will get to know the man, and truly trust and enjoy him being in your home or business.

Paul & Liz Morris
Portland, Oregon

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